Video: Laptop Buyers Guide by Walt Mossberg

Video: Laptop Buyers Guide by Walt Mossberg


As he continues to flip flop over the issue of a 3G iPhone launch date, our good friend at the Wall Street Journal is still keeping busy reminding us just how great Cupertino is at personal computing. Walt Mossberg has put together a seven-minute video describing some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when buying a notebook, going through specs, operating systems, and pricing.

In the video, he reminds that that laptops come in all sorts of sizes and weights, so you’ll have to decide whether you want the portability of a 12-incher, the productivity of a 17-incher, or something in between. He goes on to say that Dell is an affordable option for people on a budget, whereas Apple pricing can get pretty high when you start looking at higher-end models. Naturally, he shows his preference for OS X Leopard over Windows Vista as well.

Other areas that he touches on include the appeal of a dual core processor, the desire for 802.11n high-speed wireless, and the huge range of pricing options from $350 to $3000.