Trism iPhone Puzzle Game To Cost Five Bucks

Trism iPhone Puzzle Game To Cost Five Bucks


What can you buy for five bucks these days? Depending on where you go, that might not even be enough for a light lunch at a fast food restaurant. Depending where you are, it’ll get about a gallon and a half of gas. It’s not that much money, is it?

You might remember the revealing of Trism back in February and how the developer wanted to throw it up on the iTunes Apps Store when that launches. Now that the SDK is widely available, it has been announced that Trism will indeed be available for the iPhone and it’ll sell for five dollars through the iTunes Apps Store. Trism is set to launch in June.

Gameplay is very similar to Bejeweled, except that Trism makes use of the iPhone’s accelerometer and tilt sensor too. For the commercial copy of the game, they’re throwing in support for online achievement rankings and they’re teasing at “the odd hidden feature.” Maybe it has a Doom hack or something.