Three Models of 3G iPhone, Prices Start at $399

Three Models of 3G iPhone, Prices Start at $399


While the initial price point won’t surprise too many people out there, it is very notable that Apple could be offering three different versions of the 3G iPhone when it launches in June. You know, assuming that it’s still going to launch in June.

The current rumor is that the 3G iPhone will launch at WWDC 2008. At that time, it’s said that Apple will reveal three capacities for the new cell phone. The entry-level version will cost $399 and come equipped with 8GB of memory. The middle model bumps the capacity to 16GB for a price of $499, whereas the top model comes out at 32GB for $599. This pricing scheme is right in line with current iPhone and iPod touch models.

As it stands, people are expecting that the 3G iPhone will get a fresh look without messing too much with the UI or operating system. Until we see the real thing, however, there’s no saying what Steve Jobs and Cupertino are a-brewing for us.