Now Available: Apple iPhone SDK Beta 3

Now Available: Apple iPhone SDK Beta 3


Although no one is able to actually use any of the applications developed by the iPhone SDK, the people at Apple are continuing to update the developers’ suite so that we can enjoy even better apps… you know, when we are able to install them on our iPhones. Even though the iPhone SDK Beta 2 was only released a very short while back, the new version — iPhone SDK Beta 3 — is now available to the masses.

The new version comes with a few notable updates, but nothing completely out of the ordinary. The iPhone SDK Beta 3 fixes various bugs that were found in the previous version and it comes with a new tutorial to help teach the new developers how to make iPhone software. They’ve also added “support for the latest iPhone OS”. They’ve also “extended” the Beta 2.0 firmware.

If you want to grab the latest SDK, you can find it over at Enjoy!