Dell Aims to Compete with Asus Eee PC

Dell Aims to Compete with Asus Eee PC


Looks like we’re about to get another player in the mini-laptop game. Joining the ranks of Everex, Asus, HP, and countless others are the good people at Dell. Are you ready for a Dell Eee PC? It obviously won’t have that sort of naming scheme, but Dell has expressed interest in creating low-cost laptops that will compete in a very similar market.

As with all other Dell computers, Dell itself will not be responsible for the manufacturing process. For these subnotebooks, Dell will be turning to Compal Electronics of Taiwan. According to a Compal representative, Dell is looking to order between 200,000 and 300,000 units each month, at least initially. Compal is the second largest contract manufacturer of notebooks in the world, lagging only behind Quanta Computer, also of Taiwan.

The statement explicitly mentioned low-cost laptops, so this could point toward an Eee PC-like subnotebook. Then again, it could just be cheap laptops. Time will tell.