Windows Mobile to Rock Out with Guitar Hero III

Windows Mobile to Rock Out with Guitar Hero III


Rhythm games seem to have hit the world by storm, especially since the mainstream now has access to games beyond Dance Dance Revolution. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have been monumental successes on home gaming consoles, but what about when you want to rock on the road? Well, it turns out that Guitar Hero III is getting ported to Windows Mobile.

The game, as far as we can tell, is being developed by the team at Magmic rather than the ones at Activision. You’ll still get a very similar experience, but it’s going to be mobile and it’ll probably be toned down a notch or three. There’s not very much in terms of specific information on the Windows Mobile version of Guitar Hero III, but we hear that there will be two purchase models.

On the one hand, you can just purchase the game outright and jam to your heart’s delight. The alternative is to go for one of those monthly subscription deals. Stay tuned.