XOHM WiMAX is Not Coming Soon to Sprint

XOHM WiMAX is Not Coming Soon to Sprint


After getting pushed back, pushed back, and pushed back some more, it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the XOHM WiMAX network from Sprint is getting delayed yet once again. Sure, you can enjoy the beta version currently blanketing the cities of Baltimore, Washington, and Chicago, but the rest of the nation is just going to have to sit around and wait a bit long.

It’s not that the network isn’t ready for primetime, per se, but Sprint is saying that they are delaying the launch of WiMAX in other markets until they are able to offer more WiMAX-enabled devices to accompany the rollout. They say that this will make “for a better experience and a wider range of devices for our XOHM customers.”

“The upgrade will enable Sprint to more efficiently handle the huge amount of data traffic it expects when the wireless broadband service launches,” said Sprint rep Jeff Chaltas. “You need a lot of backhaul capacity to do what’s required for WiMAX.”