WSJ’s Walt Mossberg Promises 3G iPhone in 60 Days

WSJ’s Walt Mossberg Promises 3G iPhone in 60 Days


Walt Mossberg is not normally one to go on conjecture and educated guesses, only laying down the hard facts for the masses to digest. That’s why when this guy from the Wall Street Journal tells us that the 3G iPhone is launching in 60 days, we’re really inclined to believe him.

The video embedded below is admittedly boring and most of the content is just going to put you to sleep, but if you fast forward to about the 6 minute and 50 second mark, Walt Mossberg makes a very bold statement, telling us that a 3G-equipped Apple iPhone will be available in less than two months. This is the closest thing to a confirmation that we have received thus far and his 60-day window is reasonably in line with the existing rumors on the Internet.

To make Mossberg’s claim even more credible, he looks very nonchalant about revealing this information. Even so, some people have noticed that Walt looked a little nervous, almost fidgety, about one minute before he spills the 3G iPhone beans. Watch for yourself to find out.