Aston Martin Getting Purchased by Mercedes-Benz?

Aston Martin Getting Purchased by Mercedes-Benz?


With all this news about Tata Motors buying Jaguar and Land Rover, another deal has starting brewing in the background that could prove to be even more interesting. The folks at Mercedes have already dabbled in Chrysler, but now they want a big piece of English pie in the form of Aston Martin.

This is according to a new report that says Mercedes-Benz is “looking to buy heavily into Aston Martin.” Naturally, this news has not been confirmed by either company, but there is word that Aston and Mercedes have already started working together last month. Aston wants a piece of the MB hybrid tech, they say.

What’s more, Mercedes has stopped production of the SLR, so they may be separating from McLaren as well. The majority shareholder for Aston Martin, for the record, is Kuwait-based Investment Dar. The connection is that Kuwaiti Investment Authority owns 7% of Daimler AG, parent company to Mercedes-Benz.