Receiving Text Messages From Beyond the Grave

Receiving Text Messages From Beyond the Grave


A British man is getting haunted by his deceased wife, but it’s not through the conventional means of rattling doors and strange noises in the night. Instead, the widower is receiving missed calls and text messages from beyond the grave.

His wife has been dead for five years, but Frank Jones is getting cryptic SMS messages from his deceased spouse. To make things even more strange, his wife was actually buried with her beloved cell phone. He believes that these cryptic messages are from his wife Sadie. “There have been messages with words Sadie would say but there’s no number.”

This isn’t the first time that Jones has experienced supernatural events. His home had to be exorcised by the Fleetwood Spiritualist Church, because there was a spirit — “The Thing” — that was “ransacking” his home. This spirit was “trapped between two worlds.” More information can be found at the original Register news article.