Griffin ClearBoost Antenna-Boosting Case for iPhone

Griffin ClearBoost Antenna-Boosting Case for iPhone


It seems the people at Griffin Technology think that protecting the iPhone just isn’t enough and so they created the ClearBoost, a protective case that also happens to boost your cellular signal. Griffin has always done a pretty good job creating protective cases for the iPod and other portable devices, but this is the first time — to my knowledge — that they’re boosting cellular signals too.

The ClearBoost has a little nub that sticks out the top and this is supposed to raise the bar, so to speak, in terms of cellular reception. This built-in booster antenna “captures more of the available wireless signal and sends it to your iPhone’s internal antenna.” They don’t really go into detail as to how it works, but I think that this is essentially the same as those signal-boosting stickers you find on eBay.

The durable polycarbonate case will surely protect your iPhone, but I’m not so sure about the claims of improved signals. Even so, it can’t hurt and the Griffin ClearBoost only costs $29.99, a small premium over a case that doesn’t boost signals.