BlackBerry Gets More Consumer-Friendly with XM Radio Mobile

BlackBerry Gets More Consumer-Friendly with XM Radio Mobile


When Research in Motion first started to sell their BlackBerry line of devices, it was obvious enough that they were targeting the corporate market. With the release of more multimedia-minded handhelds like the Pearl, RIM has repositioned its BlackBerry brand to be a little more consumer-friendly. And now they’re moving even more into the mainstream.

XM Radio has now announced that they will be offering a special satellite radio service exclusively for BlackBerry owners. This application and service has been optimized for mobile devices and CrackBerry users will be granted access to about 20 exclusive XM channels, all commercial-free. The interface features graphical icons, so browsing through the channels is incredibly easy. And yes, XM can run in the background while you fire off another email.

The BlackBerry-flavored XM Radio Mobile will work with the BlackBerry 8800, 8700, Pearl, and Curve. It’ll cost you $7.99 a month for access, but they have a free 24-hour trial if you want to go for a test run. More info here.