Samsung Instinct User Interface Walkthrough Video

Samsung Instinct User Interface Walkthrough Video


AT&T has the Apple iPhone. Verizon has the LG Voyager. And now, Sprint has the Samsung Instinct. The large touchscreen display on the Instinct pretty well covers the entire front face of the phone, with the exception of three buttons near the bottom. The menu interface seems to have borrowed some inspiration from the iPhone and HTC TouchFLO, but no one at Samsung is going to admit that.

Sprint is hosting a rather major event at CTIA Wireless for the Samsung Instinct, but it seems like the device isn’t quite ready for primetime, getting attendees to visit various “stations” to see each of the features individually. Thankfully, a walkthrough video has been posted up for our perusing pleasure.

Interestingly, web surfing only works in landscape mode, but navigation can only be done in portrait mode. There is no accelerometer for automatic rotation. It doesn’t appear to have multi-touch, so you can’t do that pinching zoom thing either. At least it has 3G and haptic feedback.