Special Red Tab Levi’s Phone Has A Red Tab

Special Red Tab Levi’s Phone Has A Red Tab


I’m not really sure how well the original Levi’s phone did in the marketplace, but I don’t know anyone personally who owns one, nor do I hear about any celebrities flaunting the mobile made by the jeans company. Perhaps in an effort to revitalize the product, there is a new version of the Levi’s Phone with a slightly different color scheme. Appropriately enough, they’re calling it the Red Tab Limited Edition.

This refreshed model takes on the same configuration as its predecessor, but they’ve made the top portion a bright red, not unlike the red tab you find on many Levi’s jeans. Also, the body of the phone is more a gunmetal or titanium, rather than the silver of the original. The back plate comes with some sort of funky skull design too.

The rest of the features include a 2 megapixel camera, FM radio, music player, microSD slot, stereo Bluetooth, tri-band GSM, and an email client.