AT&T Launches Motorola Z9 Slider Phone

AT&T Launches Motorola Z9 Slider Phone


The folks at AT&T are keeping pretty busy these days with phone launches and the latest addition to their collection is the MOTO Z9 slider phone from, you guessed it, Motorola. Yes, it takes on a similar slim profile as so many other phones in Motorola’s lineup and it has a sliding form factor not unlike the rest of the RIZR line.

Available now through AT&T, the Motorola Z9 is said to be the first phone to include AT&T Navigator right out of the box. Other features include stereo Bluetooth, Opera 8 browser, 2.0 megapixel. camera, 3G HSDPA, Synergy operating system, media player, vibrating haptic feedback, and a microSD expansion slot.

The MOTO Z9 retails for $249.99, assuming that you’ll lock yourself down for a two-year service agreement. Oh, and it’s so shiny too.