Virtua Fighter Getting Ported to Cell Phones

Virtua Fighter Getting Ported to Cell Phones


I’m a big fan of fighting games. Whether it be throwing fireballs in Street Fighter or throwing Poke-balls in Super Smash Bros, I’m totally down for a virtual brawl at any given time. For a little taste of nostalgia, Glu Mobile has announced that they will be porting Virtua Fighter, the polygonal fighter from Sega, over to cell phones.

The current plan calls for a launch some time in June and the release of Virtua Fighter Mobile should come as no surprise, seeing how Glu already has a partnership with Sega to bring the latter’s console brands to mobile. It can only be a matter of time before we enjoy some Virtua Racing and Virtua Cop on our phones too.

It’s hard to say what, if any, limitations will be placed on the mobile version. I hope they don’t shorten the cast, because a lack of characters would totally suck.