Vancouver Apple Store Hints At Canadian iPhone?

Vancouver Apple Store Hints At Canadian iPhone?


I realize that this could just be wishful thinking on the part of an Apple fanboy, but the upcoming launch of an Apple Store in Vancouver could be pointing toward the imminent arrival of the iPhone in Canada.

For anyone in the Vancouver area, you may have noticed that there is a section in Pacific Centre that is undergoing some rather major modification and it’s said that this segment will serve as the location of the first Apple Store in Vancouver. In fact, the distinctive Apple logo has already been spotted at the construction block.

You can already buy Macbooks and iPods at other retailers, but Canadians have yet to have an opportunity to buy an iPhone. This could be a slip of the tongue, but the Martini Boys article says, “The Apple Store is sure to be one of the most popular stops in the Pacific Centre Mall after the grand opening in May, so it’s time to smash your old Ipod, Macbook, and IPhone. It’ll give you a good excuse to pick up new ones this summer…” [emphasis mine].