RAZR Lives Again with Direct Connect Motorola V950

RAZR Lives Again with Direct Connect Motorola V950


It may not technically be a RAZR, but when Motorola releases a slim clamshell like the V950, you can’t help but draw comparisons to the company’s favorite four-letter moniker. The unannounced Motorola V950 made an appearance at the FCC offices, jumping through the usual hoops to get that all-important stamp of approval.

What makes the Motorola V950 a little more special than its generic V3 cousins is that the V950 comes equipped with CDMA Direct Connect push-to-talk technology. Push-to-talk isn’t exactly new, but it can come in handy when you just want to “chirp” your buddy without actually dialing his digits. The V950 keeps things speedy with EVDO Rev.A data as well.

Rounding out the specs are Bluetooth, a camera with alsh, microSD expansion, external music controls, and a large external display. No word on pricing.