Palm Centro Sales Hit One Million Mark

Palm Centro Sales Hit One Million Mark


The Palm Centro is far from being the most powerful smartphone on the market. There are tons of other phones out there that are much faster and offer loads more in terms of customization and functionality. Even so, the Centro has proven to be a very affordable and compact solution for people who want more than just a regular phone and it has worked wonders for Palm.

How good are these wonders, you might ask? As it turns out, there have been one million Palm Centros sold since the little QWERTY devices started shipping back in September 2007. Perhaps the biggest selling point for the Palm Centro is the fact that you can pick one up for just $99, compared to other smartphones that can go for several times that amount. This is a mass market appeal kind of phone, targeting consumers like soccer moms and casual users who want a little more organization in their lives.

“The Palm Centro is flying off the shelves because users who want to step up to a smartphone see it as the perfect first choice,” said Brodie Keast, senior vice president of marketing for Palm, Inc. “It has everything a person needs to stay organized and connected with everyone who is important to them. We’re very excited about the Centro’s near-instant popularity in the U.S. and think it’s going to be a huge hit as it continues to make its way across the globe.”

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