MoGo Cell Ranger Maximizes Your Cellular Signal

MoGo Cell Ranger Maximizes Your Cellular Signal


Do you find yourself in a concrete jungle a little more often that you’d like? Do you find that your cell phone struggles to maintain any sort of signal strength in the middle of your trendy downtown loft? Fear not, my fellow nomophobiac, because this handy gadget is supposed to cure all that ails you.

Over at CTIA, MoGo is showcasing their new Cell Ranger solution. This cellular repeater ensures that you will have a cell phone signal no matter where you are. Well, almost everywhere. There are two products in the Cell Ranger line. The first is the Cell Ranger STIX and it is powered by an automotive 12 volt power supply, whereas the Cell Ranger PORT gets its juice from a USB port.

Neither product requires physical connection or “pairing” with the phone. Users simply plug the Cell Ranger unit into the power source and properly place the magnetic antenna. Cell Ranger then automatically detects the closest handset.

Sounds handy. Either Cell Ranger unit will go for about $149.