Nokia E52 Slider Smartphone For Realz?

Nokia E52 Slider Smartphone For Realz?


As with most of these kinds of mockups, you have to question the legitimacy of this image. Even so, the styling and the form factor look like they could be right in line with what the Finnish phonemaker would actually do. The Nokia E52 takes on a similar appearance as the existing Nokia E50, but slaps on a slider form factor and an understated sense of business chic to attract the fashionable corporates amongst us.

Naturally, the spec sheet is pretty much non-existent on this potentially non-existent phone, but based on what Nokia has done in the past with its business-minded E-series smartphones, the Nokia E52 could easily be outfitted with things like WiFi, more RAM, and maybe even the latest Feature Pack. All of these could be packed on top of what the original E50 had going for it.

The guys at Intomobile are saying this is little more than a PhotoShop. If it is, the artist has done a pretty convincing job.