iPhone SDK Receives First Update Already

iPhone SDK Receives First Update Already


The iPhone Apps Store hasn’t even officially launched yet and Apple has already found a few kinks that they would like ironed out in the software developers kit. Shortly after the launch of the iPhone SDK, here is the iPhone SDK beta 2. This is either very good news for developers or very bad news.

The good news is that iPhone SDK beta 2 probably brings about a little more functionality and it might have a few bug fixes in there too. For instance, the new beta comes with an iPhone-ready Interface Builder courtesy of Xcode 3.1. Always moving forward, right?

The bad news is that developers may have to get used to a few new tools, shortly after getting used to the first SDK not that long ago. Worst still, we still don’t have firmware version 2.0 running on our iPhones, so you can’t really use the apps anyways.