Nokia Siemens Networks Makes EDGE Twice As Fast

Nokia Siemens Networks Makes EDGE Twice As Fast


It’s still not quite up to snuff with 3G networks, but it could prove to be the next best thing. This might be particularly interesting to iPhone owners out there, because it means that you can achieve faster data rates on existing networks. No need to swap out a radio or get AT&T to upgrade their infrastructure. The solution, according to Nokia Siemens Networks, is completely software based.

This development bumps the effective speed of EDGE is a much healthier 592 kbps. Like I said, it’s not quite the same as HSDPA or UMTS, but it’s about as good as it’s going to get for EDGE. Nokia says that they will follow up in the third quarter of this year with EGPRS 2. This standard will download at up to 1.2Mbps and upload at 473 kbps.

We’re not really sure how they’ll go about offering this increase in speed, but iPhone owners will probably want to keep their ears peeled about this one. That is, unless they’re waiting out for a 3G iPhone anyways.