BlackBerry 9000 Gets Bumped, No Release Until Late Summer

BlackBerry 9000 Gets Bumped, No Release Until Late Summer


There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of rumors surrounding the Blackberry 9000, including the possibility of a new touchscreen OS and even what was thought to be live pictures of the upcoming device. As we continue to sit on pins and needles over the thing, it turns out that the BlackBerry 9000 could be delayed and we won’t be getting our grubby little hands on it until July or August.

This is the latest rumor coming out of the Boy Genius Report, saying that the BB 9000 was originally scheduled to hit the shelves earlier on in the summer, but for some unforeseen reason, it’s getting pushed back a couple of months. We also hear that AT&T will have first dibs on the device, having an American exclusive on it for the first six months. We can’t say for sure, especially since the picture provided is little more than a mockup, but it seems like Rogers would be a likely candidate for a Canadian launch.

If everything falls into place the way people say it’s going to fall into place, then we’ll be enjoying a touchscreen slider version of the BlackBerry by the time the kiddies go back to school in September.