WiFi Coming to Chrysler Cars This Year

WiFi Coming to Chrysler Cars This Year


Want to stay connected to the world wide web even while you’re cruising your way to grandma’s house for Sunday dinner? Chrysler’s got the hook up. It’s almost ironic, really, because lawmakers are laying down all sorts of restrictions about the use of cell phones and DVD players in the car, yet Chrysler wants to entertain you more than ever.

Chrysler head of product development Frank Klegon says that a new WiFi connectivity option will become installable on the automaker’s lineup later this year and is largely geared toward the passengers, rather than the driver. The system will make use of high speed cellular data networks. This way, you can actually stay connected while moving.

They’re marketing this as a WiFi service, so I guess the car has a router that translates cellular signals into WiFi. I’d imagine that you’re responsible for all the wireless data charges and Chrysler has made no indication which cellular provider they’re going to hook up with.