Save $500 on a Dell Vostro Notebook Computer

Save $500 on a Dell Vostro Notebook Computer


And I thought that the Dell Vostro was relatively inexpensive to begin with. If you want to save some serious cash on a pretty nice laptop, Dell is willing to offer you a $500 discount on their Vostro. There is a catch, of course. The minimum price for the Vostro has to be $1249 before they will knock $500 off of the asking price.

In this way, if you’ve configured a Dell Vostro system to be $900, for example, then you might as well top it up with a few more upgrades to get up to the $1249 level. Your net price then becomes $749 if my math serves me correctly. The kicker is that the base price on the Dell Vostro is a paltry $499, so you’ve got some serious upgrading to do before you hit $1249.

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