Geek Out Your Car with Four-Port USB Charger

Geek Out Your Car with Four-Port USB Charger


You may have noticed that many of your favorite portable gadgets don’t come with conventional wall chargers anymore. I know this is the case with the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune. Many cell phones have the ability to be charged over a USB connection as well. With so many gadgets demanding USB power, this handy car charger can really come to the rescue because it rocks not one, not two, but four USB ports.

It’s not exactly revolutionary in its functionality, converting the 12V input from your car’s cigarette jack into power that can be used by any USB device, but it is certainly breaking new ground by offering four ports. This way, you (almost) have enough ports for each passenger in the car, assuming that each of them has a cell phone, iPod, Zune, or similar device that’s running out of juice. You can even run a USB fan on there if you want.

The four-port USB car charger retails for $12 and it seems to come with an assortment of connectors for a wide range of mobile phones too.