Verizon Unleashes Affordable BroadbandAccess Plan

Verizon Unleashes Affordable BroadbandAccess Plan


The good news is that you’ll be able to surf the web at blazing EV-DO speeds anywhere you have a cellular connection. The bad news is that you’ll probably want to limit how much bandwidth you use. That’s because the new Verizon Broadband Access plan caps your data at a paltry 50MB each month. You might not even survive a YouTube video at that rate.

In the advertisement, it says that you will be able to browse, email, and download for $39.99. I don’t think it’s too much trouble if you do a little bit of browsing. Even emails should be fine if you avoid any sort of heavy attachments. But downloading? Grab a couple of songs from iTunes and you’ve already burned through like 20% of your monthly allotment.

Yeah, it’s not exactly expensive at forty bucks a month, but you’re getting next to nothing in terms of bandwidth. If you can take advantage of Cricket Wireless and their $35 unlimited plan, that might be a better deal.