Samsung Gets Haptic With Touchscreen Cell Phones (Video)

Samsung Gets Haptic With Touchscreen Cell Phones (Video)


Part of the reason why some people are hesitant to jump into the touchscreen arena is that the on-screen controls do not provide any sort of tactile feedback. It can sometimes be hard to figure out if you’ve actually pressed that virtual button or not. Samsung is correcting this problem with the introduction of the SCH-W420 and SPH-W4200 AnyCall haptic touchscreen phones.

Taking on a form factor similar to the LG Prada, Samsung Armani, and the Apple iPhone, the new AnyCall Haptic phone line will feature a large 3.2-inch widescreen that just so happens to be a touchscreen with haptic feedback. This means that the phone will give you a response via vibrations to let you know when you’ve actually hit a key. The home screen is customizable with widgets and the feature set is very consumer-oriented.

For instance, you can get entertained via DMB, take pictures with the 2 megapixel camera, and then communicate it without wires via Bluetooth 2.0. I’d imagine there are a few multimedia applications in there too. Unfortunately, the price is a little hefty for most users, getting set at around $700 to $800.