New TeaShark Beta Web Browser Now Available

New TeaShark Beta Web Browser Now Available


Surfing the web on the tiny screen of a cell phone is not exactly my idea of a good time, but there are tons of people who are perfectly satisfied with the eye-squinting Internet experience. The trouble with most mobile browsers are that they limit your functionality. The new beta mobile browser from TeaShark, however, steps it up with a few desktop-worthy features.

For instance, the TeaShark browser comes with tabbed browsing, just like what you’ve been enjoying on Internet Explorer and Firefox on your computer. Based on the same core as the S60 browser found on Nokia phones, the TeaShark rendition will also automatically re-open your last browsing session, including all open tabs. Bookmarks can be tagged and colored, and it is possible to cut-and-paste content directly to search bars.

Better still, when you come across a phone number on a webpage, you can click on it directly to initiate a voice call. More information can be found on the TeaShark website, which is also where you’ll find out how to download this bad boy.