Cellink Flash Drive Reads microSD, Charges Phones Too

Cellink Flash Drive Reads microSD, Charges Phones Too


I’m not exactly sure how well this thing is going to work, but you’ve got to hand it to Human C&C for developing something so versatile. The Cellink T/M may look like any other sliding USB flash drive, but it comes with a couple of additional functions that you may not find anywhere else. Well, at least one anyways.

In addition to working as a regular thumb drive, the Cellink also happens to have a microSD card slot, making it easy for you to read whatever you have stored on the fingernail-sized memory card.

But wait, there’s more. Move the little slider thing to the middle and you’ll notice that two prongs emerge. On the one end is connector for the USB side of things, but the other side provides a connector for your Korean cell phone. In this way, it provides a very compact data bridge between your computer and your mobile phone. Cool.