Commodore 64 Lives Again with ZPC-GX31 All in One PC

Commodore 64 Lives Again with ZPC-GX31 All in One PC


The Apple iMac is a pretty popular option for people who want a desktop experience without having to deal with a big ugly tower. All the computer hardware is conveniently located inside the same shell as the large LCD monitor. The ZPC-GX31 takes on a slightly different strategy, shoehorning a complete computer into the somewhat chunky shell of a full keyboard.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the Commodore 64 all over again. This actually isn’t all that far away from the truth for this all-in-one PC, because it really does contain all the usual desktop doo-dahs. The keyboard chassis is a fair bit thicker than a regular keyboard, but it is otherwise about the same size.

Key features include an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, 4GB of DDR667 RAM, 1GB LAN and DVI interface, four USB ports, Ethernet, optical drive, Intel graphics, SATA hard drive, and several fans to keep the unit cool. Pricing ranges from $699 to $1099, with the $1099 model coming with a 19-inch LCD and Windows XP.