Sony Fresh Start Removes Bloatware from Laptops

Sony Fresh Start Removes Bloatware from Laptops


When you buy a new computer, it inevitably comes filled with all sorts of bloatware. You get a free trial of this program, a sneak preview at this other program… it takes up a heck of a lot of space and ultimately slows down the system to a near crawl. It’s a pain having to go through and uninstall all that garbage.

Sony feels your pain. They are now offering a “Fresh Start” option that ships your new computer sans bloatware. The problem is that they’re not doing this out of the goodness of their heart. Instead, this “Fresh Start” service will cost you $50! Whiskey tango foxtrot! You’re charging me to remove something that you put there in the first place? That’s like me slashing your tire and then offering to repair it for a fee.

Well, I shouldn’t say that Sony is charging you for the Fresh Start service, per se. Instead, if you don’t opt for Fresh Start, you get a discount of $49.99. Yeah, that sounds so much better. The Fresh Start service is available now for the VAIO TZ2000, but I’d imagine they’ll extend its reach to the rest of the model line soon.

UPDATE: The company has just released the following statement:“Starting March 22, Sony will offer Fresh Start free of charge. We want VAIO users to have the best experience possible with our PCs, and we believe Fresh Start will help ensure that happens right out-of-the-box.”