Martha Stewart Buys Macbook Air, Knows About Parallels

Martha Stewart Buys Macbook Air, Knows About Parallels


You’ve got to hand it to Martha Stewart. She’s actually a lot more tech-savvy than what most people think. For starters, she’s got a blog. That already wins you a few points in the geek community. What’s more, Martha Stewart just recently purchased a Macbook Air and she loves it. Better still, she’s perfectly aware of how to use Parallels.

Triple geek points, Martha! I always thought that the madame mogul was better versed in the areas of cooking and doilies, but it seems like she knows a thing or two about technology too. Martha seems to be really enjoying her new purchase, but she places the MBA right next to a Windows-powered HP laptop when in her kitchen. Why not use Parallels?

Many of you have commented that you think I should use Parallels for my new Mac to run Windows as well – I actually DID know about that! I just like having the two computers side by side, as sometimes I need to have my email and schedule up on one, while browsing the Web on the other.

She’s a busy woman and just one computer won’t do. And her dog Sharkey likes it too.