iPod Deal Hints At New iPod Generation?

iPod Deal Hints At New iPod Generation?


I’m the proud owner of a third-generation iPod nano and I love it. Whether it be listening to music, keeping up with podcasts, and watching a video, the handy little thing comes in, well, pretty handy. If you want into the world of 3rd-gen iPod nanos too, Apple is willing to offer a free $15 iTunes gift card along with your purchase.

This special offer will be available until June 30th, but you do have to jump through a couple of hoops to get at the fifteen bucks. It’s not an insanely good deal, but Apple isn’t usually one to put stuff on sale. That is, unless they have a reason to do so.

Some people are saying that offers like these hint toward the eventual demise of a current generation, paving the new for a new generation. As the Boy Genius said, “Is Apple trying to clear stock to ready themselves for a new Nano introduction? WWDC starts on June 9th, so we wouldn’t be shocked if something surfaced around then.”