Import Contacts to iPhone From SIM Card

Import Contacts to iPhone From SIM Card


After you’ve managed to get through the unlocking and jailbreaking process for the iPhone, it seems like everything is great until you hit up the contact list and notice that it is empty! There has to be a way to import your contacts from a SIM card, right? Well, it’s not a first-party solution, but the iPhone is perfectly capable of reading contacts on a SIM card.

The third-party application is called SIMport and, as you can probably imagine, it ports all the contacts from your SIM card over to the iPhone. The process takes just three simple steps — outlined here — and then you’ll be calling and texting in no time. Best of all, SIMport is free.

An alternative is a program called iSIM. The trial version of iSIM only ports one contact at a time and you need to pay for the upgrade to do more. Pay?! Perish the thought.