Sell Your Soul For 666-Day Standby Time

Sell Your Soul For 666-Day Standby Time


And you thought the claim of one year standby was pretty outrageous. If you feel like making a deal with the devil, then this Lucifer-inspired cell phone just might be for you. You see, the manufacturer claims that the I-Coloured Mobile ZJ268 offers 666 days of standby. Notice that they didn’t say 665, 667, or “about 600”. They said 666.

How does this phone manage to achieve such a lengthy standby time? Checking out the product page, the handset comes equipped with a “32800mAh super battery.” For frame of reference, most phones come with batteries rated anywhere between 800 and 2000mAh.

Other features include dual SIM slots, dual cameras, dual Bluetooth (whatever that means), microSD expansion and a contract that promises eternal damnation. The price for the phone, other than your soul, is $128.