HTC Dream Will Be Company’s First Android Phone

HTC Dream Will Be Company’s First Android Phone


We already know that HTC is providing a number of the reference designs for the Google Android platform, but we have yet to come across any sort of indication surrounding a production model. Details are slim at best, but we’re hearing that the first Android-powered phone to come from the Taiwanese company will be called the HTC Dream.

From what we can gather, the specs sound a lot like the HTC Omni pictured here. The “person close to the situation” is saying that the the HTC Dream is a handset that is just over 5-inches long and 3-inches wide. It’ll have “a keypad underneath the screen that either slides out or swivels out.” Other than the slightly larger dimensions, that’s pretty much in line with what HTC has done so far with its Pocket PC phones.

The HTC Dream, as it has been dubbed, “will likely hit the market near the end of this year.”