All Web-Enabled Sprint Phones Get MySpace Mobile

All Web-Enabled Sprint Phones Get MySpace Mobile


I guess you can blame their marketing team, but I tend to associate MySpace Mobile with Helio. They just emphasize the connection so much in their commercials. Well, Sprint wants to offer its customers access to the popular social networking site too, so they’ve opened up MySpace Mobile access to all web-enabled Sprint phones.

Instead of having to go through some sort of obscure portal, Sprint is now allowing free direct access to the new MySpace Mobile website, assuming that you have a Web-enabled Sprint phone. Using MySpace Mobile’s tool set, users are able to edit profiles, view and add friends, post blogs and bulletins, and take care of MySpace messages.

The new version of MySpace Mobile, which is rocking a new rich graphical design, can be found at MySpace Mobile can be found under the Messaging section of the Sprint Web interface.