WiMAX Coming to Next-Gen MacBooks?

WiMAX Coming to Next-Gen MacBooks?


Apple is slowly stealing away market share currently held by the Windows-powered PCs of the world and with this latest rumor, it could steal a little more. It is well within the realm of possibility that the next refresh of the MacBook line could come equipped with integrated WiMAX connectivity. This could coincide with Sprint’s launch of their XoHM network.

This is largely based on conjecture, but when you look at the pricing for Intel’s upcoming Wi-Fi and WiMAX/Wi-Fi modules for their Montevina-based chips, it starts to look pretty reasonable. The leap from having just straight 802.11n WiFi to including WiMAX as well is only about $30, so it wouldn’t take much for Steve Jobs to choose that module instead.

If Apple opts for the Echo Peak module instead of the Shirley Peak, the price difference for the consumer will be minimal, but the added connectivity is worth quite a bit more, I’d say. We’ll have to stay tuned, but when these chips launch in June, could a WiMAX-enabled Mac be far behind?