Koodo Mobile Goes Live, No System Access Fee

Koodo Mobile Goes Live, No System Access Fee


We first told you about Koodo Mobile on Monday, but details were pretty slim at that point. Well, it only took a couple of days, but the Koodo Mobile website is now live and it’s filled with all the information you’ll need to know about the new Telus MVNO.

Targeting a similar market as Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile (that’s pronounced Koo-doh) does away with many of the fees that Canadians have grown to despise. There’s no activation fee and no monthly system access fee. All plans — which start at $15/month — come with at least 50 text messages. The pricing is revolutionary, but the ditching of the SAF makes a huge difference. They also have something called the Koodo Tab, which is supposed to fit somewhere in between paying full retail for a phone and signing a chubby contract: 10% of your monthly bill goes towards paying off your tab.

The branding, on the other hand, is so totally weird. They say that they offer “fat-free plans”, so the marketing is comprised of a 1980s aerobics workout. When you hit up the main page, you are treated to one of the strangest exercise videos known to man. Hit up Koodo Mobile for more information.