Hack Any RFID-Enabled Credit Card for Eight Bucks

Hack Any RFID-Enabled Credit Card for Eight Bucks


Credit cards that contain an RFID tag seem like they offer a world of convenience, but it turns out that they’re pretty convenient for hackers as well. It really doesn’t take much for someone to steal your credit card information, as evidenced in the video below. All they need to do is use an existing laptop (a MacBook Air in this instance) and an $8 RFID reader from eBay.

Using this, they just tap the reader next to your wallet and they immediately gain everything they need from the credit card, including the cardholder’s name, card number, and expiration date. They don’t get a physical card out of the deal, but there’s not much stopping them from going on a shopping spree online. I’m just not sure if the RFID reader can steal that extra ID code that some online verifications require.

I guess this means that if you happen to have an RFID-enabled credit card, it might be in your best interest to shield that thing in some stainless steel or something. That, or you can just try to avoid hackers and futurists.