Gartner Grants iPhone “Appliance-Level” Status for Business Types

Gartner Grants iPhone “Appliance-Level” Status for Business Types


And Apple has scored itself another coup. When the iPhone was first released last year, many corporate types said that it would not be appropriate for business. Even NASA said it was no good. Around this time, Gartner too said that the iPhone wasn’t business worthy, but now the company is singing a different tune. This is largely because of the upcoming enterprise-friendly iPhone 2.0 update. Go SDK, go?

Gartner is a company that many firms trust for budget spending recommendations, and what mobile phones they hand out to their employees is a significant piece of advice. Directing this information at IT buyers, Gartner has granted the iPhone what they call “appliance-level” status. This means that the the iPhone is a-okay for “PIM, e-mail, telephony and browsing applications.”

Part of the reason why corporate America was hesitant to adopt the iPhone was because it didn’t really stack up against the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian S60 smartphones of the world. With this endorsement, now it does.