Sprint OpenWeb: Non-Smartphones Can Surf the Web Too

Sprint OpenWeb: Non-Smartphones Can Surf the Web Too


Smartphone users have long since been able to surf the real Internet, complete with graphics and style sheets, but what about owners of regular old cell phones? Up until now, they’ve been restricted to the WAP side of things and if their favorite website didn’t offer a mobile version, they were pretty much out of luck.

Sprint aims to make surfing the web a little easier for non-smartphones with the announcement that they will support Openwave’s OpenWeb website rendering technology on its network. In a nutshell, this allows non-smartphones to surf to regular websites, because the OpenWeb technology automatically converts HTML/xHTML into mobile phone-friendly WAP 2.0. These can then be rendered on phones that don’t have HTML-browsing capabilities.

The Openwave system will be integrated into Sprint’s network, so the end user doesn’t need to do any sort of firmware upgrade or settings configuration. The plan is to rollout the technology over the next few weeks.