Score a Serious Deal on Sirius Stileto 100 Receiver

Score a Serious Deal on Sirius Stileto 100 Receiver


I’m sure that Howard Stern approves this message, because saving $100 on a Sirius satellite radio receiver means that he’s going to nab himself a few more listeners. Those listeners go great with midgets and boobies, right? Right.

If you’re tired of all the commercials and useless banter on conventional radio, now might be the time to jump into the realm of Sirius Satellite radio, because they’re offering a $100 discount on the portable Stiletto 100 receiver. This brings the price down to an affordable $149.99, but the caveat is that you have to pre-pay for a three-month subscription. That’s $38.85 for new accounts and $20.97 for existing customers.

As you recall, the Sirius Stiletto 100 comes with 2GB of internal memory. It can also play MP3 files from your personal collection, record up to 100 hours of radio, and stream those sounds over a home Wi-Fi network. The deal runs until Monday.