Refurbished 8GB Apple iPhone Goes On Sale for $249

Refurbished 8GB Apple iPhone Goes On Sale for $249


Maybe the reason why you haven’t grabbed an iPhone yet is that somewhat hefty $399 asking price right out of the gate. The iPhone may be a little too pricey for some, but when they start offering a significant $150 discount, it’s hard not to pay attention. It’s not going to be a brand new unit, but you can now buy a refurbished iPhone from the good people at AT&T.

A refurbished version of the 8GB iPhone is now available for $249 and that includes 2-day priority shipping. The phone can be purchased online or, if you prefer, you can try your luck at a brick-and-mortar store instead. In either case, the iPhone is available sans activation, in case you want to unlock and jailbreak it give it as a gift.

I’d imagine that at this price, the refurb’d iPhones won’t last long. If you have a chance to buy one and you’re sitting on the fence, you might have a chance to flip it for a profit on eBay or something. Let’s just hope it’s not all smashed up like the one pictured.