Customize Your Nintendo DS Lite with Colorware

Customize Your Nintendo DS Lite with Colorware


Those crazy kooks at Colorware are at it again. We’ve already seen those guys take their palette-swapping ways to BlackBerry devices, Sidekicks, and Apple MacBook computers, and now they’re setting their sites on one of the world’s most popular portable gaming machines.

The Nintendo DS Lite is now eligible to get painted by the crew at Colorware, customizing the dual-screened wonder to best fit your personality. Whether you’re the type that prefers subdued pastels or bold neon shades, Colorware has you covered. Like the rest of the work, the Colorware’d DS Lite is colored using a propriety hybrid coating process that is durable, unique, and “just plain hot.”

For the customization, you can select the main color, the frame color, and the bottom color, and then you can go on to color to the button pad, front port, and even the stylus if you prefer. Sweet. The version shown here costs $129. That’s on top of the price for the DS Lite itself.