Video: Telus Launching Koodo Mobile MVNO This Week

Video: Telus Launching Koodo Mobile MVNO This Week


I’m not exactly sure what Telus Mobility is trying to achieve with the launch of Koodo Mobile nationwide, but it seems like they’re ready to get this show on the road this week. Koodo Mobile kiosks have already been erected in the Toronto Eaton Centre and other Telus kiosks are getting converted into Koodo too.

As far as we can tell, Koodo Mobile will be targeting the younger demographic and they’ll have a tagline of “good call.” Some are saying that this is Telus’ answer to services like Fido, Virgin Mobile, and Solo Mobile. And in case you’re wondering, we think that it’s pronounced Koo-doh (as in “kudos!”) and not Koo-doo like it is said in the video below.

In terms of other details, the initial launch seems to be scheduled for Wednesday and it will be accompanied by three phones: LG 380, Motorola w385, and Samsung U410. The $15 base plan gets you 50 local minutes and 50 text messages. The $25 plan has 100 minutes, unlimited SMS, and unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 7pm. We think that these are all contract-based plans and not pay-as-you-go.

My only question is, what’s up with the ’80s-themed spandex and leg warmers? Seriously, is this how they hope to attract trendy teens and young adults?