Unlimited Text Messaging Arrives at 3 UK

Unlimited Text Messaging Arrives at 3 UK


I guess Londoners are getting pretty tired of keeping track of their cell phone habits too, because 3 UK is launching a couple of plans that offer unlimited text messages. This follows in a recent trend in the United States where several carriers are starting to offer all-you-can-eat service plans that have things like unlimited voice, unlimited data, and unlimited SMS.

Over in the UK, 3 has two new unlimited texting plans. Dubbed the Short & Sweet SMS plans, the first comes with 500 minutes for 25 GBP a month, whereas the second comes with 750 minutes for 35 GBP. Both plans come with unlimited texting, of course, and both are available on either 12- or 18-month contracts (that sounds better than the three-year norm in Canada).

The Short & Sweet SMS plans from 3 UK will be made available on May 31st. New subscribers may also be eligible for a free handset upon signing a service agreement as well.