Next-Generation Apple iPhone is a Touchscreen RAZR

Next-Generation Apple iPhone is a Touchscreen RAZR


Steve Jobs has to be pleased with how the first iPhone has done in the marketplace, because it seems like everyone wants a piece of a touchscreen wonder these days. The problem with achieving this level of success, however, is coming up with a suitable successor. What will the iPhone 2 bring to the table? According to this patent drawing, the next-gen iPhone will be a flip phone with dual touchscreen displays.

Interestingly, it’s not a dual touchscreen like the way that you’d imagine. When the phone is open, only the lower portion is touch-sensitive and the top screen is just a regular display. Where is the second touchscreen, you may ask? Well, when the iPhone 2 is closed, the external display becomes a multi-touch capable screen just like the current model. In this way, both touchscreens are actually located on the bottom half of the phone.

Now imagine if both touchscreens were active at the same time. How multi is that multi-touch?!